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Ahhhh….. my first solo piano piece, so I had to name after my young lady.  Although just to be wild i spelt it different.  I think she should do the same.  This is also the first piece recorded on the Yamaha P95.

We’re off to walk up Snowdon next week, so no more pieces for a while!

Sheet Music – Viktoria

The Castle

I recently read an article on free-jazz .  I love “experimental” music.  Generally though, i like a mash up of styles, horrific doomy noises, a massive range of instruments and sounds – but it all needs to have some kind of rhythm, melody or theme.  Some of my favourite musicians have put out some records I’ve struggled with.  Trying to listen to a seemingly random barrage of notes and enjoy it can be quite difficult.  Sometimes, i’ve connected with it, but other times I’ve just had to give up.

For this type of music in general there seems to be two broad opinions, either: –

  • “Self-indelgent-rubbish”
  • Genius too artistic to follow any of “the rules”.

I claim to be neither but…….. music with no structure, rhythm, completely random chords/notes.  Its random improvisation right? Impossible to get wrong!!  I’ll definitely have a bit of that.

So, just for a laugh, with medieval thoughts in my mind, armed with two augmented chords, I sat down and played ….. The Castle.  I may try and pick out a few bits to take forward in future….

Tentacle 2

This somehow began by listening to the magnificent “Gaspard de la nuit – Le Gibet” (1908).  I downloaded the sheet music and attempted to twist my fingers with my only aim to be to get through the first four chords.  I’ve since found out that due to my inability to read musical notation, I’d actually got about 90% of the notes wrong – which must mean they’re my notes now – thanks Maurice.

Those initial fumblings have now been warped into Tentacle 2 (Part 2 of the tentacle ………. octology).  There is only one part to it at the moment, so more may be added in future!

PS Since my last entry, the “Gear” pics have also been added.

So you wanna be a rock superstar?

No this isn’t about the Cypress Hill classic, its about my soon-to-be-ex Tama Superstar drum kit.  Whilst this site is dedicated to audio uploads this is a significant enough moment to share.  My drum kit is sold.  Its being picked up tomorrow.  Taking the ebay pics was painful enough but now its sitting calmly packed up ready to go.

They weren’t getting used and i still have v-drums to practice/record on.  My acoustic days are over……. for the moment…….  Goodbye Tama Superstar!

The Oak

This is dedicated to all the Oak trees out there. A new piece recorded during a very relaxing day off on the Jubilee weekend…..

Sheet music: The Oak

Tentacle 1

To get things going here is the first short idea to be added to the bucket (i’ll be more creative with names in future).   One of my first piano ideas, its meant to crawl up your leg like a sinister…er…. tentacle.  I couldn’t resist the sitar…….