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Tentacle 4

Emerging from the depths…….

Geekery – This was my first ever dive into the world of MIDI.  Last week i knew that MIDI was “that plug on the back of some of my devices that i’ve never used”.  So I hooked up my Yamaha piano and after much head scratching got it working with my software.  How fantastic to be able to change the sounds after recording them.  This started from some basic piano data which i just messed up with some VST synth – so its just a simple loop but i liked the “messed up” sound of it.  This opens up a whole world of possibilities for me!


Dream On….

I thought i’d upload a few pieces i’ve learnt during my piano lessons – I’ve been playing about 9 months now and had lessons for the past 5 months, so its pretty basic stuff!

They’re all pretty short, 16 or so bars, but have been good fun to learn and quite a challenge in places.  With practice we can get there!

Dream On (Tim Richards)

After the Battle (Unknown)

No Problem (Tim Richards)

Practicing and Spending

I’ve stop recording for a while as I decided it was time to actually dedicate a bit more time to learning to play. A couple of longish recording sessions was taking away valuable practice time in these early stages.   I’ll be recording a new piece i’ve written soon.  Just for a change, i’ll upload the sheet music first.  I just need to decide what instruments/sounds to use to record it!

Sheet music – Batoidia

Gear head alert !! I’ve also had a little spend!!

An all new mini-mixing desk – Behringer Xenyx 502 – a bit less bulky on the desk so frees up my other mixer for things going in whilst this deals with things going out, I thought Victoria would find it cute as its a small version of a mixing desk, but for some reason, the ladies aren’t so impressed with musical gear!

Purchase two is the Schlaagwerk FPS10 floor percussion set  The idea being to utilise my left foot bouncing up and down when playing the cajon by putting this under it! Shown in the pic below with my other percussion including a homemade cajon.

Tentacle 3

Tentacle 3

Here commeth Tentacle 3.  I’ve had loads of short ideas buzzing around and finally got round to getting some of them recorded.

The details: I originally played the rhythm on v-drums, but it didn’t quite sound right for the laid back vibe i wanted, so I had a quick mess around on the cajon played using Vater cajon brushes

In the interests of going completely over the top, I double miked it! A bass drum mic at the back and a shure instrument mic at the front.  With a lather of reverb, I love the result!  I didn’t think a wooden box with a hole in could sound so cool!

I’ve also done my first ever short piano “solo” and, randomly, a shamisen solo (on keyboard of course).  These were unplanned or rehearsed, so are left in with warts and all.

Credit also goes to the Blackbird in my garden who features in the track too.