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Geek Info: Sticking with the theme of “Get the F on with it”, this is another piece developed from a very quick idea over the weekend.  Only two bits of kit used – all the synth sounds from the Novation Mininova and all drums from the …. *electronic drum roll*……. Roland TR-8.  which is a fantastic drum machine modelled on the original TR808.  I almost said “analogue drum machine” but its not – Its using the very best of modern technology to make it sound like something old.  There must be some logic in there somewhere!

I’ve also been trying to do some painting recently.  Not much time to dedicate to it, but I’ve followed a beginners book and did the classic bowl of fruit yesterday.  Following a guide really showed me how little I know about painting, but it was incredibly enjoyable.  The new “painting” area of the blog HERE

Lake District (Keswick)

I’ve just had a great week in Keswick.  Amazingly for England it has been roasting hot all week.  Of course I had the camera snapping away.  Landscape photography is a whole other skill to try and learn…..  Some long-exposure shots would have been good to try out but as I don’t own a tripod, all but impossible.  Here’s just a few snaps taken during the week.

Sunset1 (Large)

Derwent Water at sunset

Window1 (Large)

Just a window you say? What’s that hanging in one of the panes? A spooky run down shed somewhere around the lake.

Derwent2 (Large)

Two stumps.  And a lake.

Boat (Large)

Rowing boats (I took the easy option and went out on a motor boat instead!)

Dog (Large)

Action Dog (probably glad of the cool water)

Castlerigg (Large)

Castlerigg Stone Circle (mainly uploaded so there is one without water in it!)



Piano Concerto

Not actually a concerto of course, but I played piano “live” for the first time last night, along with a few fellow students and my piano teacher Daria (as a duo with violin).  It was a very nice night and great to hear everyone play.  If you’d asked me three years ago if I’d be playing a grand piano in front of people at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, I’d have thought you’re insane, mainly because I had no intention of playing piano or living in Manchester, but it happened!

I didn’t record any of the show (and for my pieces considering some of the “experimental” notes I played its probably for the best), but would post the whole thing here if I had, so instead I recorded the three pieces I played but whilst sat at home.  Sorry I cannot post any of the other players’ pieces.  In the spirit of being live this was one take, warts and all.

1. Batoidia – a piece by me, dedicated to the beautiful family of rays and skates

2. After the Battle – One of the first pieces I learnt on piano

3. A Spanish Sketch – From the Jazz Piano Grade 3 book, I really enjoy playing this piece!

Here are all the playerz:




Wetwork (A prelude)

I decided to see what I could write, play, record, mix and post in an afternoon, and here it is.  Most of my recent pieces have been veering along a dance/electronic path, so I tried to stick with more traditional instruments here.  The name? The main rhythm is something I used for the song “Wetwork” in the metal band “…and fate was foolish”.  The song was about… er…. murder, so this is the soundtrack before those horrific events occurred.


Wetwork (a prelude)