Still lurking…..

I was rooting around some of my files today and I came across a couple of songs in production from earlier in 2016 which never got finished.  One of them because I just didn’t get round to it, but the other because I was eternally awaiting a bassline from Mat 😉 so it kind of got shelved.  Anyway I thought I’d post them here so they aren’t forever hidden on my hard drive.

First up, the tentatively titled, Muhgli, inspired by a visit to the curry house of the same name along the curry mile in Manchester.  As I emerged from their WCs there was a traditional song playing so when I got home I got out all my hand percussion and recorded a similar beat.  Of course it then goes all drum’n’bass after.  There would have been quite a bit of work to be done with this, and I really wanted to get an “evolution” theme out hence the stealing of some vocals from an online preacher.  Oh the irony of his statements!

Next up, is the working title of “chilled”.  Basic structure only, I wanted to get a bassline from Mat and ideally some vocals/guitar from Al but sometimes these things just never come to fruition.  Probably one of my most developed pieces in relation to chord progressions, I remember getting some good tips from my piano teacher.  I really liked the bridge towards the end which changes to a nice flowing 7/8 time.

Also, my only other finished piece that never made it onto one of the EPs so I’ll re-post.  Ectopic Beats.  A style of song I’d wanted to do for ages, big doomy riffs and chaotic beats.  Really enjoyed this one.

…and that’s the lot…… for the moment……

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  1. Evolution is a fact? As if!!!

    2nd track did not work for me, in ether Chrome or Firefox. Thought you might like to know in case there is a problem!

    Love Ectopic Beats. Dude, that’s BIIIIG.
    Here’s hoping you crank out further tentacles in the future….

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