What is the Bucket?

December 2016 – Welcome ! How this site (and me) have changed since its inception in 2012.  Loads of music has been uploaded, culminating in three short “releases”; Bucket of Tentacles (2013), Analogue (2014) and The Illicium Lure (2015).  I’m very proud of what I managed to pull together as a “solo artist” since starting to learn the piano, but I developed a new passion, running, which I’ve gradually snuck into this blog.  Like many things I’ve tried in life, its become an all-consuming activity to the extent that there is no time for music 😦 and I unfortunately seem to have currently lost the desire to create music.  I go running, in the mud, instead.  Having not touched my piano since around April 2016.

I’ve loved blogging to this site, so I’ve been contemplating how to continue with a running theme, and have now set up an alternative blog at www.allhailthetrail.co.uk

Bucket of Tentacles will be banished to the depths from where it emerged.  For the moment.

June 2012 – Welcome ! This site is a repository, or bucket, for my emerging musical ideas, the tentacles.  Not limited by any style or genre, but most definitely limited by my abilities.  Drummer at heart, this is my exploration into the world of “doing it yourself”, following a dive into the world of piano/keyboard.

This blog, and all that is uploaded to it, is dedicated to the natural world, particularly water and the amazing creatures that live within it.

I started playing piano in December 2011 and began lessons in April 2012, so i’m hoping to track some improvement in playing and writing.  I intend to record mainly my own short pieces but also want to add some covers that i’ve been enjoying learning.  This isn’t about perfecting every recorded note and spending weeks (or months) on a piece, so there will be pieces that are only one section, or just a snippet of an idea – just any (in my opinion) interesting sounds that I’ve managed to create.

For the gearheads, I originally started with Roland v-drums (TD8) and a Yamaha PSR-E333.  Whilst i was convinced I had everything i needed, inevitably I’ve started upgrading.  I intend to keep a track of what has been used on the gear page – all the gear and no idea.

Bands I love; Secret Chiefs 3, Dredg, Brazaville, A Textbook Tragedy, Cephalic Carnage, Estradasphere, Dr Dre, NWA, Minor Threat, Trevor Dunn’s Trio-Convulsant and many many more…..

  1. Thanks for following my blog man. Makes me think it’s about time I wrote something on it…

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