Drawings / Painting

I didn’t intend for this blog to be about drawing or painting.  It was purely me learning to play the piano.  Like many things, its morphed into something else, a splatterpad for any of my ventures.  I’ve never really painted or drawn, but i’m giving it a go now – and am really enjoying it! I did a few pencil sketches when first starting this blog but am now trying watercolour since May/June 2014.  Like everything in life much practice required!

Field view edit

August 2014 – Another landscape based on an exercise from Water colour for the absolute beginner

Derwent Water

Aug 2014 – The painting above is of a view of Derwent Water after visiting in June 2014.  The other three paintings below are by following guides from a book and are all relatively quick (as can be seen!), so this one was me going it alone, taking a bit more time and trying out the techniques that I’ve learnt.  I am quite pleased with the result and will try and keep practicing!


July 2014 – Basic landscape from Water colour for the absolute beginner


July 2014 – Another Basic landscape from Water colour for the absolute beginner

SCN_0005 (Large)

June 2014 – A trial painting of some fruit.  Admittedly using a book as a guide – LINK


July 2012 – The concept of the Bucket.  The power of the depths!

Snowdon Summit

July 2012 – Snowdon from the Llamberis Path

Jellyfish edit1

A Jellyfish emerging from the depths (a very quick scribbling!!)

VT - v2

After not drawing for 20 years (or ever really), I’ve suddenly started drawing.  What better subject than Victoria watching TV!?

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