Gun-Yu (in three parts)

The Gun-Yu Trilogy

i. Malfunction ii. Programme Override iii. System Re-boot

These tracks are intending to represent human life gradually destroying itself.  What better way to illustrate this than via. a tentacle wielding robot!?  Nature regains control and the true balance and equilibrium of the natural world is restored.  Named after the Gun-Yu (Chinese great flood myth) balancing the old against the new.  And you thought it was just some bedroom synth noises! 🙂

All the pics accompanying the tracks have been a childish drawing of a robot from different angles fudged around with on photoshop and here they all are!

ROBOT1 (Medium) Chapter1-Picture (Medium) ROBOT2 (Medium) Robot-2-for-WP (Medium) P1040961 (Medium) Part 3 Image (Medium) ROBOT Head


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