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Before my brain well and truely packs-up, I thought i’d try and gather some information on the bands i’ve been in over the years since I very first piped up to Al that “I play drums” at 16. This really meant, “I have sat at a drum kit in the past”. 18 years later and we’re still doing it!

Any help on dates or other facts appreciated! And of course if any of those recordings do exist, then send them over!

Anyone who can help me out with missing pics or other recordings – send them over!

Lowdown (Acoustic)

Date: 2011-(sadly)2013

Members: Alistair Davies, Matt Jamieson, Dan Stinton

Style: Acoustic

Recordings: This is great – acoustic guitar, bass, cajon. Rehearsals at least 4 times a year. With an “all-live recording” approach

Live recording (15/7/13):

Wake Up Now

I apologise

Coming Home

Bottles in the Bedroom

Million Memories


Knocks and not the Breaks

Two to Three

Call off the Rescue

Older recordings:

Wake up now

Call Off The Rescue

Bottles in the Bedroom


And fate was foolish

Date: 2009-2012

Members: Ian Stevens, Ade Bordicott, Dan Stinton

Style: Twisted Black Country Metal

EP1 – Alpha (2010)
EP2 – The Kludgeon (2011) – very sadly likely forever to remain in limbo at 90% complete.

When I was a Girl (Alpha)

The Bonobo (Alpha)

The Kludgeon (The Kludgeon)

Pedagogy (The Kludgeon)



Date (approx.): 2007-2009

Members: Alistair Davies, Matt Jamieson, Dan Stinton

Style: Melodic rock

Recordings: The first recordings where I took the control of the desk. Another batch of great songs from Al, with the hyper-funk bass playing of Mr. Shafthopper.

Mr Jones

She Comes Round Again

To Say we’re Sorry 

(Photo’s from Matt – much better than any I could have taken)

Cascade of darkness

Date (approx.): 2008

Members: Si (?), Ian Stevens, Dan Stinton

Style: Thrash Metal

Recordings: 2 full albums recorded before i joined. The original drums were done with a…. ppfffffffttt …… drum machine!!!  Good solid thrash metal, but we only ever managed one gig.



Date (approx.): 2003-2006

Members: Graham Gordon, Dan Stinton

Style: Electronic, metal, hip hop, randomness

Recordings: By now, home recording had become affordable to a semi-decent standard. An intense weekend led to our first EP “all the things we do”.  No limits on style, a heavy reliance of effects and all electronic based which made recording a lot easier. Great. Being a two piece band was also a musical challenge – there is a lot more space to fill.



Hardcore Bastard

Dan Vox Argh


Station 14

Date (approx.): 2004-2006

Members: Rowan Talbot, Alistair Davies, Matt Jamieson, Dan Stinton

Style: 90s influenced rock

Recordings: Only a couple of tracks recorded in green Cornwall.  We had a whole batch of good songs and had played quite a few gigs – its a real shame we didn’t get more recording done.

Lend God Aura

In your Universe

Of This Earth

Date (approx.): 2002

Members: Ian Stevens, Mark Aldridge, Dan Stinton

Style: Alien/Murder metal

Recordings: We didn’t get too far with this one but did a couple of live rehearsal recordings. I’d just started using v-drums at this point.  Even marky mark did vocals!

Scorched Earth

Help me with pics!!

one less than none

Date (very approx.): 1999-2002

Members: Dave Swain, Graham Gordon, Dan Stinton

Style: Metal, Punk, Experimental

Recordings: This was ‘real-mans’ recording. All self-done (by Dave) at our own lock-up with DAT, aDAT, big mixing desk, outboard effects and loads of other stuff I didn’t understand. A fantastic few years locked in an old industrial estate until we got broken into and everything got stolen!

 Five Years On



Chopper Squad

Date (very approx.): 1999

Members: Dave Swain, Matt Jamieson, Dan Stinton

Style: Weird Rock heavily influenced by animals (Easy Chimpanzee)

Recordings: There were a few “ghetto blaster” recordings in existence.  I have no idea where those tapes are now.  Its probably best they’re lost, because in my mind these songs were great – so i don’t want to shatter the illusion!

Help me with recordings or pics!!


Date (very approx.): 1997-1999

Members: Various Members over the years:
Original: Alistair Davies, Stephen Sherrin, Stuart Burford, Neil Hadley, Dan Stinton
Other members: Dave Swain, Steve Bray, Matt Jamieson.

Style: Rock!

Recordings: A single 4-track demo ‘Something Else’ from the original line-up. Monocrome hand-drawn artwork, cassette only (remember those?). These were the days!  Al, Matt and Steve went on to form the excellent “Inside Panic” whilst myself and Dave took a more metal route and started “one less than none”.

I Know

I Can’t Wait

You Could Sleep

Rising Higher

Help me with pics!!


Stone Free

Date (very approx.): 1996

Members: Alistair Davies, Jay (?), Neil Hadley, Dan Stinton

Style: Student Rock

Recordings: No recordings – we were more interested in skipping maths and going to the pub!

  1. Ah I fondly remember those days, I think I got a couple of pics, I’ll dig em out for you later mate.

  2. Forgot about the ponytail!

  3. Easy Chimpanzee man! i would love to here that again

  4. Ha, this site is ace, stick with it, I love that cassette cover, should get that blown up and put it above the mantlepiece. The songs are cool as well!

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