Another tentacle creeps out of the bucket, this time in the form of physical punishment.  I joined the gym in March 14 as the inevitable worry of age creeps up and you begin to think that you really should start moving your body a bit, at least a bit more than the elbow bending required to successfully drink a beer.  A few months of cycling staring into a wall, running on the spot and some huffing and puffing with some miniscule weights I realised I needed to take this into the open air so began running “outside” in July 2014. I started going up and down the local canals and the Irwell; out to Media City, the Bridgewater way out to Altrincham, the Rochdale canal out through Ancoats and the Ashton canal out towards the City ground.  What a variety of life you see!  I’ve had cans hurled at me from The Navigation, quad bikes buzzing around, undesirable characters lurking suspiciously, city dwelling sun-bathers, hissing geese as I dare tread near their own personal space and several other runners/cyclists dishing out their of form of personal torture to shed a few pounds.

As with many things I do, I can’t just take it easy so have inevitably ended up increasing the distances and running on more challenging terrain, I love trail running!! Being out in the Peak District hills and barely seeing any other humans is a fantastic experience.  2016 is currently an incredible year for running for me – at the end of 2015 I had never run a marathon but, all being well, by the end of 2016 I’ll have completed 1 x 50 mile, 2 x 50km, 2 x Marathons and a “quick” 20 miler over Snowdon.

I’m going to use this page to keep a track of my best times, so at the moments its…… *electronic drum roll* …..

5km – 19:01 ran on 23rd April 2016
10km – 40:23  ran on 22nd May 2016
Half-Marathon – 1:28:32 ran on 16th October 2016
Marathon – 3:27:37 ran on 10th April 2016
Furthest Distance – 82.1km – 11:02:15 ran on 26th November 2016 (Wendover Woods 50 mile)


All new races are now logged over at my running site
26th November 2016 – Wendover Woods 50 (Men’s Running Project Trail) – 50 miles (80.5km). Time: 11:02:15 Link to Official Results …. Link to Split Times
16th October 2016 – Manchester Half Marathon 21.1km. Time: 1:28:32 Link to Results
3rd September 2016 – Man vs Mountain 22miles over Snowdon.  Overall Time (71st of 1,319) : 4:08:58 Link to results Vertical Kilometre (8th of 1,319): 13:02 Link to results
20th August 2016 – Peak District Challenge 50km (as a duo) – ended up over 55km. Time: 7:28:54 Link to Results we would have been in 2nd place but went the wrong way around the route – report here
13th August 2016 – (wo)man vs Barge 8km. 1st Place!! Time: 42:38 Link to Results
5th June 2016 – Coniston Marathon 42.2km (25 degrees!) Time: 4:42:21 Link to Results
25th May 2016 – Dovestones (Greenfield) Trail 10km. Time: 49:23 Link to Results
22nd May 2016 – Great Manchester Run 10km. Time: 40:23 Link to Results
17th April 2016 – Radcliffe 10km Multi Terrain Race. Time: 44:06 Link to Results
10th April 2016 – Manchester Marathon 42.2km. Time: 3:27:37 Link to Results
27th March 2016 – Canalathon 50km. (15th of 166) Time: 4:26:35 Link to Results
28th February 2016 – Terry Nortley 10 Mile (16.1km) Multi Terrain.  Time: 1:14:36 Link to Results
23rd January 2016 – Lyme Park Trail Night Run 6km. Time: 32:46 Link to Results
6th December 2015 – Hoka One Stockport 10 mile (16.1km).  Time: 1:11:19 Link to Results
7th November 2015 – Helvellyn Trail 15km. Time: 1:15:42 Link to results
18th October 2015 – Birmingham Half Marathon 21.1km. Time: 1:36:26 Link to results
25th/26th July 2015 – Adidas Thunder Run (Catton Park). 24 hour trail relay run as part of the Men’s Running team. Times: Lap 1: 49:47, Lap 2: 49:03, Lap 3: 52:12 (Team 80th overall with 25 laps of 10km) Link to Results Link to Magazine Article
28th June 2015 – Wigan Trail 10km. Time: 44:59 Link to results
10th May 2015 – Great Manchester Run 10km. Time: 44:07 Link to results
18th April 2015 – Moon Rise 5km Run Fun Run with Viktoria. Time: 39:25 (slow fun-run!) 
12th April 2015 – Radcliffe 10km Multi Terrain Race. Time: 47:05 Link to Results
22nd March 2015 – Stafford Half Marathon 21.1km. Time: 1:41:28 Link to Results
9th November 2014 – Heaton Park Movember 10km. Time: 48:57 Link to Results

I also occasionally run at Heaton Parkrun which is a weekly 5km, all abilities run.  Here is my personal Parkrun page as a record of any parkruns I do – LINK  I also more regularly run with the Sweatshop Running Community from the Arndale Centre.

Surprised I’m not just a blur considering the speed I was going (my first ever Parkrun)

Moon Rise Run

Movember (Heaton Park)

Stafford Half Marathon

Dan Stinton
Great Manchester Run

Radcliffe 10K 1521R
Radcliffe 10km

P1080727 (Medium)

Adidas Thunder Run


Birmingham Half Marathon

DS Runner

Helvellyn Trail Race


Stockport Hoka One


Lyme Park Night run (with Ladies winner Michelle)


Lyme Park Night Run (wet but finished)


Radcliffe 10 mile (very close to the end!)

Canalathon 27 March 2016

Canalathon 27 March 2016


50km Canalathon


Manchester Marathon (with Michelle)


Team Stinton pre-Manchester 10km


Manchester 10km (23 seconds over the 40 min target – boo)


Viktoria – drenched


Coniston Marathon – tough going


(wo)man vs barge – WINNERS!!!


Peak District Challenge


Project Trail


Man vs Mountain – the vertical kilometer


Manchester Half Marathon

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