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I’m now the proud owner of

None of your worldwide “.com” stuff here! Mainly because the “” was cheaper……

It was quite unbelievable that no-one else owned it (i need to point out the sarcasm there)!  I snatched it up quickly and as I have zero web development skills I just linked it direct to this WordPress site.

One thing about having a unique (or perhaps just rubbish) project name is that the domains are actually available and it dominates a Google search if anyone happens to type in “Bucket of Tentacles” ! Even the original Tsukiji fish market picture is the first one in Google images.  World domination next.

A few piano lesson songs to come up shortly and i’ve also recorded the basslines and cajon for Tentacle 6 which I’m hoping to have a very natural, earthy vibe.  That may all change if i sneak some synth onto it…. we shall see…..