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Lake District Snaps

I had a nice break in Windermere recently, and whilst of course I took all the “usual” photos of normal stuff with people in, that’s not what this blog about, so here is a few I took of the more arty-farty type!

Orest head

Moody view from Orrest Head (lots of running training up and down this “hill” over the week!)


A beautiful little spot where I could crawl all over the place trying out long exposure


Back when cars were great


A bit of an engine with some close depth of field – arty or what!


Down with the ozone layer!


A perfectly in focus Oscar from the Lakeside aquarium. I loved his colours.

… and that’s the lot.  Musically, I have a piano track bubbling away so just need to sort out some time to record it.  Its leading up to the third Bucket of Tentacles EP, which will hopefully include a collaboration piece with some actual singing by Al over Thalassa (posted here previously).


Wine Tasting is Time Wasting

I walk past a sign every day which advertises “Wine Tasting”.  For some reason I cannot help but read it as “time wasting”, although I’m sure the people inside may think differently.  Inevitably, I walk past and then end up beer tasting instead.  A slight tangent, because this is not the subject of the thread.  I took a Sunday afternoon stroll around Manchester camera in hand and took a few snaps, I didn’t manage to get the epic streetscapes I wanted, but instead a few bits of street art caught my eye.  So here they are.


Here cometh the truth.


iPod and Dr Dre Beats? Pah! You need a proper speaker system (inside Trof)

The Corn Exchange

Looking up towards Selfridges – the blue sky representing the winners of the local derby that day 🙂

This and That

The lunchtime curry canteen I’m assured I have to try (closed!)


In the quest for research, I had to google “D7606” and it seems its the artist that did this.  Check out their Flickr page HERE fantastic stuff.  Interestingly, the Snowdon picture features on the same page with the “signature” telephone boxes, but on the photo I took yesterday they seem to have been removed!?  Its a conspiracy!


More street art.


Completely out of style with the rest of these, I just wanted a pic of Ramona enjoyed her courgette after their epic day of transportation here.  Fish in a barrel… indeed it was.  Taking pictures of fish is difficult!

Loads to learn on photography – I seem to notice all my mistakes when its too late and I’m back home on the computer, but I’ve hoped to capture a bit of the vibe around here.  Hopefully much more to come.


Tentacle 7 (Big Mouth)


Tentacle 7 (Big Mouth)

Start with moody piano line whilst leaning on the sustain pedal, add a little bit of upbeat oddtime mush, stir in a happy hardcore ending and sprinkle with a tiny bit of MC’ing and what do you get? Tentacle 7 of course!  Inspired mainly by tapping on my desk when i’m meant to be working, the recent Fish Fight TV shows, and the great work of the Marine Conservation Society …….. Big Mouth…. No Voice…..

I’ve finally made better use of the v-drums and recorded multi-track parts to hopefully get a better mix, and i actually sort-of planned this one before recording, so i could actually just play the parts rather than trying to stitch ideas together.  There are loads of different sounds and tracks so its actually became quite a nightmare to keep track of it all and mix – I’ve actually had another go, and uploaded again on 3rd March with a few changes 🙂

This of course means the octology is drawing to a close so i’ll have to actually start thinking of a name for future projects!  Its been a mixed bag with 3, 5 and 7 being by far the most involved – I always have preferred odd numbers though!  So it only leaves Tentacle 8 ……. which will likely be a horrifically noisy metal track…..

(Credit to Bradley the Betta Splendins for posing for the photograph)

Song of Storms (Zelda)

Whilst tentacle 3 is slowly brewing in the cauldron, I thought i would record one of the pieces I’ve been learning in my piano lessons.  For all the gamers out there, this is Song of Storms from the Legend of Zelda.  Cheesy sounds are intentional of course.  Once i’d recorded the “computer game” version i thought it would be good to do a second slightly faster and heavier version, so thats here too!

“You who do not fear the dead, learn well the song that is inscribed behind me… And if you ever meet my brother, I’d like you to inform him… The thousand years of raindrops summoned by my song are my tears. The thunder that strikes the earth is my anger!“— Flat

I’ll also take this opportunity to mention another blog i’ve come across which is dedicated to two of my passions – music and the underwater world, created by Zak and Mina.  Fellow icthyo-audiophiles.  Great to see two seemingly unconnected hobbies brought together.  Scalezine Check it!