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Casiotone and Piano Lessons

Three nuggets of noise for the price of one! As we meander into 2014 here are a few bits I’ve recorded today.  First up is just for fun, a piece completely recorded using a Casiotone 405, direct from 1983, complete with fake wood finish, loads of switches and dials and dodgy crackly outputs, but nevertheless still good fun to mess around with! I picked it up from Gumtree as a bit of keyboard history – see this great WordPress blog on Casio history HERE.  I set one of the auto beats (with A.V. – Accomp. Variation), played a few chords and then soloed over the top.  Cheesy I know! Vintage “synth” ….. 🙂




Also here are two piano pieces I’ve been playing in my lessons recently.  First up is Petite Petite by A. Goedicke.  The most difficult part of this one for me, apart from playing the correct notes, is making it exciting.  There [should be] a lot of dynamics and vibe to it, but it has been a bit of a struggle.  Here is my effort:

Petite Petite (A. Goedicke) 


Second up is “Night journey” by Gurlitt.  Technically this shouldn’t be difficult, but (and this is where my problem is!) it needs a good control of pedal to sound right.  Being a drummer, I’ve spent years of big fat stomping with my right foot.  This recording shows I need to practice pedal more and more, it’s a big sustain mush at times.  I like the piece though and in the interests of throwing out a tentacle, here it is.

Night Journey (Gurlitt)

Lots more practice for me…..

Happy New Year to all!