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Piano Concerto

Not actually a concerto of course, but I played piano “live” for the first time last night, along with a few fellow students and my piano teacher Daria (as a duo with violin).  It was a very nice night and great to hear everyone play.  If you’d asked me three years ago if I’d be playing a grand piano in front of people at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, I’d have thought you’re insane, mainly because I had no intention of playing piano or living in Manchester, but it happened!

I didn’t record any of the show (and for my pieces considering some of the “experimental” notes I played its probably for the best), but would post the whole thing here if I had, so instead I recorded the three pieces I played but whilst sat at home.  Sorry I cannot post any of the other players’ pieces.  In the spirit of being live this was one take, warts and all.

1. Batoidia – a piece by me, dedicated to the beautiful family of rays and skates

2. After the Battle – One of the first pieces I learnt on piano

3. A Spanish Sketch – From the Jazz Piano Grade 3 book, I really enjoy playing this piece!

Here are all the playerz: