The Shop


No website is complete without a shop! So here it is!  I’m even going to try and sell off some old gear here too.

All enquiries contact:

Music Gear

Nothing for Sale at the moment.

Music – Vinyl, CD, Cassette, Minidisk, mp3

(the truth is that there is only CD)

Bucket of Tentacles – The Illicium Lure (EP#3):

The Illicium Lure

Bucket of Tentacles – Analogue (EP#2):


Bucket of Tentacles – Self Titled (EP#1):


As you may imagine, this is not a large scale operation, but if you want a CD then I’ll prepare one with a completely unique hand-drawn (in approx. 2 minutes!) tentacle artwork on the disc.  Contact me at and for the price of a pint I’ll prepare it and send one-out.



If you do happen across an image you like on this site drop me an email and I’ll send over the full size file if I have it.  Below is the image that symbolises the concept of The Bucket.  I have an account with The Print Space (The Hub) where you can get quality print of mine (or your) photographs.  Here’s my Gallery:



  1. like the new look of the site much better to navigate……swweeeet!

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