Last few days…..

The Wendover Woods 50 miler is mere days away and, for the first time since winning the place in Project Trail, I’ve actually started to think about what a massive challenge this is going to be both physically and mentally.  Its not that I haven’t thought this before, but its always been about focussing on the training or the other races I had planned, but right now there is no training left and the race is looming menacingly right there in front of me.  Training has gone really well, I’ve done some great confidence boosting races and training runs and its all really gone without a hitch.  I’ve had great training advice from Robbie Britton especially during the last 6-7 weeks when the big mileage and hard training was in full effect.

To give myself a boost, I’m going to contemplate the last year.  I stepped into 2016 having never run a marathon.  The furthest I’d ran was 30km.  Since then I’ve taken on 12 races ranging from 6km to 50km including running a marathon distance 3 times and slightly longer a further 3 times.  I’m not sad enough to count up the vital statistics myself but Strava has done it all for me.  To date in 2016, I’ve done 195 runs for a total of 236 hours covering 2,445km with 30,728m of elevation.

I know this is a self-indulgent post to pump me up, but I need to convince myself I’m ready to do this.  Baring any serious injuries, I am going to do it.

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  1. Congratulations on the great running! Good luck on the Wendover Woods…I’ll look forward to the race report!

  2. You can do it, sunshine!

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