This page will be regularly (hopefully!) uploaded with photos, images, or drawings that I think fit in with the feel of this site.  I’m mostly impressed by the natural world, particularly water and the facinating creatures that live in it, but really, anything goes on this page.  This started as me throwing up a few photos, but since starting this blog I’ve developed quite an interest in photography.  I’ve obsessively listed my music gear, so here’s the photo geek-list: –

  • Panasonic Lumix GX7 (purchased 20/9/15, all pics before that on the Lumix GX1)
  • Lumix G 20 mm / F1.7 (Fixed focal length)
  • Lumix G 45-150mm / F4.0-5.6
  • A few cheapo filters
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 12
  • Photomatix Essentials 4.0 (Free HDR merging software from a magazine)

Just before getting to the photos, I also dabbled briefly in painting, and put them on a page.  Just click the link below:

Field view edit

Here are links to any photo blog posts: –

Media City Bridge

Click pic above for blog post HDR Photos (Greenfield, MOSI, Media City) (11/4/16)


Click pic above for blog post Ancoats (12/3/16)

Night view

Click pic above for blog post Sun, sea and creatures lurking (20/9/15)


Click pic above for blog post Lake District Snaps (3/7/15)


Click pic above for blog post A Glowing City (9/3/15)


Click pic above for blog post Uppermill (Saddleworth) (24/1/15)

EDIT Street Fog

Click pic above for blog post Urban Grime (19/1/15)


Click pic above for blog post Secret Chiefs 3 / London (13/9/14)


Click pic above for blog post Photos and (unusually) a Landscape Painting (11/8/14)

Derwent2 (Large)

Click pic above for blog post Lake District (Keswick) (21/6/14)

Girl (Large)

Click pic above for blog post Wandering the Streets (5/4/14)

NQ1 for WP

Click pic above for blog post Nightlife (11/3/14)


Click pic above for blog post Heaton Park (21/12/13)


Click pic above for my pics used on an online article for “Mancunian Matters” (two of mine credited towards the bottom, but the second pic down is also one of mine)


Click pic above for blog post Manchester Canal Ride (23/11/13)


Click pic above for blog post Manchester City #1 (23/9/13)


Click pic above for blog post Saltwells Nature Reserve #2 (17/3/13)


Saltwells Nature Reserve #1 (10/3/13)

A selection of other pictures I’ve taken:

Beetham Tower

Beetham Tower….er…. towering.


There’s nothing quite like an old boat.

Church edit

St. Mary’s Churchyard close to Lyme Park (this happens to be one of my favourite photographs I’ve taken, not sure why, it just works for me)


Manchester City FC – Parade after winning the Premiership 2013/14. 45 mins wait on Deansgate to watch a bus drive past.

Lyme1 for WP

Moody view in Lyme Park


Nice view at Heaton Park


Waiting for the tube

DS Pop Art (Medium)

Just for fun, some funky self-portrait pop-art!


Copperas Street.  My new home in Manchester.


Suddenly, I was in Sweden.  This fantastic sunset (somewhere between Slussen and Gamla Stan train station) softened the blow a bit after paying £7.50 for a beer.


Poole harbour on a very relaxed afternoon (Victoria had sent me to Tesco so i sat on a bench instead)



A doorway.  In Spain. That is all.


Hyatt Hotel in Birmingham on Remembrance Day 2012.  We will remember them.


Sipping tea in Istanbul


Maisie – sadly no longer with us (Sept 2012)

Octo Film Large

Octo-reel – My photoshop effort to capture the well known event of an octopus emerging from a cup


A sunset over Colley Gate – It almost makes the place look beautiful 🙂


A canal near Saltwells Nature Reserve


Mangrove Snapper pictured at the Tokyo Aquarium (Ikebukuro)


A magnificent Arowana – a good 2′ long and probably still growing.  Not one for the home aquarium! 



Just love crunching that veg, Bob the Bristlenose (top) and Ramona (bottom) barely big enough to lie on a potato


 No prizes for this one, yes its a Koala Bear


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