Short Ideas and Improvisations


A collection of random ideas and little snippets uploaded since I started this blog.

Hutamah (30/11/15)

Passing Chords Ideas (23/11/14)

Wetwork (A prelude) – original version (8/6/14)

Nightlife 1 (11/3/14)

Nightlife 2 (11/3/14)

Casiotone (2/1/14)

Reflections (10/11/13)

The New Wave (16/9/13)

The NQ (28/8/13)

Tiki Bar (27/4/13) Feat. M. Jamieson

RTBD (29/3/13)

Tentillum 1 (T6) (30/1/13)

Tentillum 2 (T6) (30/1/13)

Test 1 (2/1/13)

Test 2 (2/1/13)

The First Noel (24/12/12)

Sunnandæg (4/11/12)

The Blues (29/10/12)

Song of Storms (Zelda) v1 (7/7/12)

Song of Storms (Zelda) v2 (7/7/12)

Viktoria (21/6/12) 

Tentacle 2 (19/6/12)

The Oak (12/6/12)

Tentacle 1 (11/6/12)


Most pieces I upload to the bucket have an element of improvisation in them, but here are the ones which are me literally just messing around.

Urban Grime (19/1/15)

Communicating with Whales (or Wales) (23/11/14)

New Gear Noise (1/11/13)

“Sounds a bit like Star Trek” (1/11/13)

Piano Improvisation (Birmingham) (16/7/13)

Junglist Drums and low pitch rumbles (Jam) (16/7/13)

Moody Blues (4/2/13)

T5 (Jam) (29/10/12)

The Castle (19/6/12)


Now sold, the Kaossilator was great fun.  Here are a few ideas I created on it.

The Toxic-Trio

Unnilquadium (6/10/12)

Unnilpentium (6/10/12)

Unnilseptium (6/10/12)

K1 (2/12/12)


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